How to watch Stranger Things on Netflix – [2024]

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Stranger Things and want to know how to watch it on Netflix?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to show you a simple step-by-step method that will not only let you watch Stranger Things but also enjoy many other awesome web series and movies on Netflix. It’s super easy, so let’s get started!

Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things on Netflix
TitleStranger Things
GenreScience fiction; Horror; Drama

First of all, if you are unable to find Stranger Things on your Netflix. That means it’s not available in your region. It doesn’t mean that it is not on Netflix. There are some limitations in some regions.

So that’s why Netflix releases content based on locations. But we can overcome this problem by using a secure and undetectable VPN. You can watch all seasons of Stranger Things without any hassle.

Over the years I have been using different premium VPNs. The one which works perfectly in all situations is ExpressVPN. You can access any content from any country by using this VPN. There are many different content libraries Netflix has. You can access any content library from any country.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

  • First, download a VPN, our top pick is ExpressVPN
  • Connect it to the Canadian Server
Canadian server on ExpressVPN

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Is Stranger Things available on Netflix?

Yes, but it is only available in some countries. You can still watch it by following the method mentioned above.

Is Stranger Things on Hulu?

No, you can only watch it on Netflix.

Where to watch Stranger Things Season 4?

You can easily watch season 4 on Netflix by using the above step-by-step quick method.

How many episodes are in Stranger Things Season 2?

There are 9 episodes in season 2 of Stranger Things.

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