How to watch BBC iPlayer in Poland – [2024]

BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming service in the United Kingdom that offers a wide variety of television shows, movies, and live events.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not available in Poland. However, there are a few ways to watch BBC iPlayer in Poland.

One way to watch BBC iPlayer in Poland is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows you to change your IP address to one from another country.

This makes it appear as if you are accessing the internet from that country, which allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. There are many different VPN providers available, our top pick is NordVPN.

Here is how to do it step by step:

Watch BBC iPlayer in Poland

  • First, download a VPN, our top pick is NordVPN
  • Open NordVPN and connect it to the UK server
  • Now, go to the BBC iPlayer website and log into your account
  • Start watching your favorite TV shows and movies
  • Enjoy

Why VPN is necessary to watch BBC iPlayer?

A VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection and routes it through a server in another location.

This has a number of benefits, including the ability to unblock websites that are blocked in your country.

One of the most popular reasons to use a VPN is to watch BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is a streaming service that offers a wide range of British TV shows, both live and on-demand. However, it is only available to users in the UK.

If you try to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, you will be greeted with a geo-error message telling you that the content is not available in your country.

This is where a VPN comes in. By connecting to a VPN server in the UK, you can bypass these restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

VPNs for BBC iPlayer

Not sure which VPN to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve tested dozens of VPNs and compiled a list of our top picks for accessing BBC iPlayer.

Whether you’re looking for speed, security, or something in between, one of these VPNs is sure to meet your needs.


NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market, and it offers a number of features that make it perfect for streaming BBC iPlayer.

First, NordVPN has servers in over 60 countries, so you’ll always be able to find a server that can unblock BBC iPlayer.

Second, NordVPN offers fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream HD content without any buffering or interruptions.

Finally, NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers that offer 24/7 customer support in case you run into any problems.

30-days money-back guarantee


If you’re looking for a VPN to use with BBC iPlayer, then ExpressVPN is a great option. Here’s a look at some of the features that make it ideal for this streaming service:

ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries, so you can always find one that works with BBC iPlayer.

The VPN encrypts your traffic, so your ISP can’t throttle your connection or sell your data.

The software is easy to use and comes with 24/7 customer support.

Get 3 extra months FREE with a 12-month package offer

Final Words

In conclusion, to watch BBC iPlayer in Poland, you need to connect to a VPN server in the UK and then visit the website.

The process is fairly simple and only requires a few minutes. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access BBC iPlayer content from anywhere in the world.

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