How to watch Don’t Breathe on Netflix – [2024]

If you’re up for a thrilling movie night on Netflix, you definitely need to give “Don’t Breathe” a shot. Three pals decide to break into a rich blind man’s house, but guess what? They’re not the only ones there! This suspenseful flick has gotten awesome reviews and is bound to make you super tense in your chair.

If you can’t find this movie on your Netflix, don’t stress. It’s not your fault. This film might not be available where you live. No worries, though! In this quick guide, we’ll spill the beans on how you can catch “Don’t Breathe” on Netflix, no matter where you are. Get ready for a nail-biting movie night!

Watch Don't Breathe on Netflix

Watch Don’t Breathe on Netflix

  • First, download a VPN, our top pick is NordVPN
  • Connect it to the Canadian Server
  • Now, open Netflix
  • Search Don’t Breathe
  • Start watching
  • Enjoy!

You can watch Don’t Breathe 2 by connecting the VPN to the Hong Kong server.

Don’t Breathe on Netflix

Don't Breathe on Netflix

Netflix has been doing something called geo-blocking for a while now. What that means is, if you’re not in a certain country, you won’t get to watch a specific show or movie.

For instance, if you’re hanging out in the United States, you’ll see American Netflix, but if you’re up in Canada, American Netflix won’t be available to you. You’ll only get Canadian Netflix.

Now, why do they do this? It’s because streaming companies want their stuff to be in as many countries as possible.

So, if Netflix has a show or movie only for Canada, they won’t let people in the United States watch it. That’s why “Don’t Breathe” might be missing from your Netflix.

But hold on! There’s a way around this, and it involves something called a VPN. With a VPN, you can sneak past these restrictions and watch movies and shows from all over the world.

Among the different VPNs I’ve tried, NordVPN has always been a standout. They’ve got over 5000 servers that are super fast.

Why NordVPN?

Netflix is a big deal in lots of countries, but here’s the thing: the stuff you can watch changes depending on where you are. If you’re on a trip or living in a place where Netflix doesn’t have the same shows and movies as what you’re used to back home. It can be a real bummer, right? Well, that’s where a cool trick comes in – it’s called a VPN!

A VPN is like a secret tunnel that helps you sneak around this problem. Here’s how it works, you connect to a server in a different country using the VPN, and ta-da! You can watch the Netflix shows and movies from that country.

Now, when it comes to top-notch VPNs for Netflix, NordVPN is a rock star. They’ve got servers in more than 50 countries, and that’s super important because Netflix has different goodies in different places.

Plus, NordVPN doesn’t slow you down – it’s fast! And they made their app really easy to use.

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