How to watch Goblin on Netflix – [2024]

Do you want to watch Goblin on Netflix? But unable to find it. Then this article is for you.

Just follow this quick article and you will be able to watch not only Goblin but any other show that you were unable to watch. In this article, I will share some simple steps that you can follow and implement.

Watch Goblin on Netflix

Watch Goblin on Netflix: Step by Step

  • First, download a VPN, our top pick is NordVPN
  • Connect it to the Japan Server
  • Now, open Netflix and Log into your account
  • Search Goblin
  • Start Watching
  • Enjoy!

Step by Step screenshots:

If you search Goblin without connecting to the VPN server, you will not find it.

Search Goblin without connecting to VPN

So, connect to the Japan server on NordVPN:

Now search Goblin on Netflix:

Now search Goblin again


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God – Goblin on Netflix

Goblin on Netflix

Let’s first understand why you were not able to find this series on Netflix. Many of you may know that Netflix is different for every country.

So, you may not be able to watch the content in the USA that a user in the UK can. That means the show we want to watch is not available in our region but we can change our region by using a VPN.

I have tested multiple premium VPNs and the one which works smoothly is NordVPN. We can access thousands of movies, shows, and anime on Netflix from anywhere around the world.

NordVPN provides more than 5,000 different server locations. It provides a fast and secure connection and you will not face any lagging issues during the stream.

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Does Netflix have Goblin?

Yes, but it is only available in some countries.

Is Goblin available on Netflix Canada?

Unfortunately, it is not available to stream on Canadian Netflix. But you can still watch it if it is not available in your region. Just follow the simple steps shared in this article.

Is Goblin Kdrama on Netflix Australia?

Sorry, this title is not available to stream on Australian Netflix.

Is Goblin on Netflix India?

Yes, now it is available to stream on Indian Netflix.

Is Goblin the same as Guardian?


How many episodes does Goblin have?

Season 1 of Goblin contains 16 episodes.

Is Goblin on Netflix UK

No, unfortunately, this title is not available on UK Netflix. But you can still watch it in the UK by following the steps mentioned in this article.

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