How to watch What Happened to Monday on Netflix – [Easy Steps]

What Happened to Monday is a 2017 dystopian thriller film directed by Tommy Wirkola and starring Noomi Rapace.

What Happened to Monday is a gripping tale of seven identical sisters who live in a world where population control measures have been put in place. Each sister takes turns living as one person, but when one of them goes missing, all hell breaks loose.

You can watch this movie on Netflix but if you are unable to find it on Netflix? then don’t worry, follow the steps shared below.

Watch What Happened to Monday on Netflix

What Happened to Monday on Netflix
  • First, download a VPN, our top pick is NordVPN
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  • Now, open Netflix and search What Happened to Monday
  • Start watching
  • Enjoy!

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Why do you need a VPN?

Watch What Happened to Monday on Netflix

Netflix has been criticized in the past for its geo-blocking practices, which is when a company restricts access to content based on a user’s location.

This means that people in different parts of the world can have very different experiences with Netflix. For instance, users in the United States have access to much more content than users in other countries.

That’s why you need a VPN to bypass this restriction. With the help of NordVPN, you can access more content on Netflix.

Why NordVPN?

If you’re looking for a way to watch Netflix without worrying about your online privacy, then you should consider using a VPN like NordVPN.

A VPN will encrypt your traffic and route it through a server in another location, making it impossible for your ISP or anyone else to see what you’re doing.

Additionally, a VPN can help you bypass regional restrictions and get around blocks that Netflix has placed on certain countries.

Here are some of the key reasons why NordVPN is a great choice for Netflix:

  • NordVPN has servers in 60 countries, so you’re sure to find one that can unblock Netflix for you.
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Is What Happened to Monday on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch this movie on Netflix.

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What Happened to Monday – Overview

In the not-so-distant future, society has implemented a new set of rules to combat overpopulation.

Each family is only allowed to have one child, and any other offspring are immediately cryogenically frozen. When identical septuplets Allie, Karen, Alice, Grace, Bonnie, Klara, and Monday are born, their parents decide to raise them all in secret.

The girls are raised in a remote farmhouse under the careful eye of their strict father and loving nanny. They are home-schooled and each takes on a different day of the week as their “name day”, where they go out into society as one person.

This arrangement works well until they reach adulthood and the world outside begins to intrude on their idyllic existence. Allie falls in love with a man outside of their community and becomes pregnant.

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